Microsoft Teams – Moving from learner ‘management’, to learner autonomy and skills for the future

Only 26% of HE, and 23% of FE students enjoy using the collaborative features of their VLEJisc Digital experience insights survey (2018) I would like to start by acknowledging two excellent blog posts: one by Dale Munday, and another by Lawrie Phipps - both of which are insightful reads that helped inspire me to write... Continue Reading →

What makes a Learning Technologist? Personal reflections on the role

There have been a number of blog posts published around the role of a "Learning Technologist". In particular, a recent post by Simon Thomson entitled "Do we still need Learning Technologists?" (now there's a clickbait title if ever I saw one!), really helped me to reflect on my own role, responsibilities and overall career path... Continue Reading →

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